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The Best Tattoo Designs is a Tattoo Blog/Informational website dedicated almost exclusively to tattoos. It’s our goal to present you with everything you need to make a decision on your next tattoo. We keep track of the best tattoo designs out there, and present you with thoughts on how to choose a tattoo, where to find a tattoo artist, and more.

If you’re here looking for your next tattoo, check out the websites below. Each and every one of them provides you with access to thousands upon thousands of tattoos for less than half of the price of one tattoo design from an offline tattoo artist. Check them out to see if they have a tattoo that’s right for you.

TattooMeNow – http://www.tattoomenow.com

Tattoo Me Now

If quality was based on tattoo designs alone, TattooMeNow would still be one of the better tattoo design locations, with over 3,500 different tattoos in one monster database, as well as bookmarking abilities and even the unique ability to combine tattoo designs before you print out the designs and bring it to the local tattoo parlor.

What is really impressive about TattooMeNow, however, is the member gallery. Users are allowed to show off their new tattoo designs in public forums, using photos they can take immediately after they have completed their latest tattoo.

There is also a media library with information about tattoos as well as a video vault, discussion forum, and several other interactive activities to enjoy with fellow Tattoo enthusiasts.

If tattoos truly interest you, TattooMeNow may easily become one of your favorite tattoo websites.


Chopper Tattoo – http://www.choppertattoo.com

Chopper Tattoo

With thousands of tattoo designs ranging everywhere from tribal tattoos to butterfly tattoos to armband tattoos, Chopper Tattoo is easily one of the best locations for tattoo designs available on the Internet.

One of the things that make Chopper Tattoo so useful is its comprehensive and user friendly search engine. Many of the companies that provide tattoo designs provide you with a giant document that you can look through yourself, but with Chopper Tattoo you are provided with a membership that allows you to search and browse an unlimited selection of tattoos that updates regularly, so even if you do not find the tattoo you want right away, you are likely going to find one that you like in the future.

Of all of the tattoo design databases, Chopper Tattoo is easily one of the best. Their tattoo designs are guaranteed to find you the tattoo you want, and then some.


Tattoo Fever – http://www.tattoofever.com

Tattoo Fever

Tattoo Fever is one of those under-appreciated websites that seems to be less well known simply because they do not have a large marketing department.

But if you look at all of the tattoo designs offered at tattoo fever, you can see that is completely unwarranted. They have color tattoos, black and white tattoos, dragon tattoos, etc., so there are hundreds upon hundreds of designs related to the topics you are interested in, and then some.While some of the more popular websites offer some 5000 or so designs for about 30 dollars, Tattoo Fever offers over 14,000 tattoo designs in several different categories for less than 20 dollars.

Tattoo Fever is one of those undiscovered goldmines in the tattoo design industry. They are definitely worth checking out if you are looking for your next tattoo design.


TattooMyBrain – http://www.tattoomybrain.com

Tattoo My Brain
TattooMyBrain manages to put together both incredibly well designed tattoos as well as over 6000 different styles, so you have an impressive library of tattoo designs at your disposal. The website only requires a single membership fee to have access to these thousands of designs, so while some tattoo websites charge a per-tattoo fee, TattooMyBrain puts them all at your fingerprints for unlimited printing. The only concern you should have is running out of skin space.

TattooMyBrain also has a great deal of categories to choose from. Some of the more notable categories:

  1. Asian Tattoos
  2. Cartoon Tattoos
  3. Celtic Tattoos
  4. Chinese Tattoos
  5. Kanji Tattoos
  6. Skull Tattoos
  7. Tribal Tattoos

And many, many more. In addition, they have a bunch of unbelievably unrelated and random free books they give away, and although there is no real reason for them to provide them, at least you get free stuff – which is always a plus.


Target Tattoo – http://www.targettattoo.com

Target Tattoo
Target Tattoo is one of the up and comers of the online tattoo design industry. They have over 10,000 tattoos for less than 20 dollars. Incredibly impressive for a small, newer website.

Target Tattoo focuses strictly on tattoos. They are not charging you for all the time they spent researching the additional information on tattoos – they are providing you with one giant book library with 10,000 different tattoo designs.

This is a great place to start for your first online tattoo design library. With 10,000 tattoos for less than 20 bucks, you are easily going to find the type and style that you want, from Celtic tattoos to Tribal tattoos to Butterfly tattoos, there are so many designs to choose from you could spend hours of your time just scrolling down.


Tattoo Design Package - http://www.tattoodesignpackage.com

Tattoo Design Package
The Tattoo Design Package is designed for the appropriately named “Tattoo Virgin.” They offer several hundred different tattoo designs as well as all the information you need to get your first tattoo.

I could tell you more about the Tattoo Design Package, but instead, I’ll let you visit their website, as they offer 50 free tattoos on their website just for giving them your email address. Their tattoos are unique, colorful and detailed, so you are sure to receive the tattoo design you want regardless of style. Also, they have a chat service and articles about getting your first tattoo that are useful for the tattoo virgin.


Tattoos Unlimited – http://www.tattoosunlimited.com

Tattoos Unlimited
Tattoos Unlimited is not as glamorous as the other tattoo sites, but the tattoo designs provided on the website are solid. But Tattoos Unlimited is not just a selection of some of the better available tattoo designs – it is a complete tattoo design manual, complete with information about:

- How to choose tattoos and tattoo parlors
- How to care for your tattoo
- Tattoo history, etc.

So you get several tattoo designs along with a great deal of interesting information. Plus, the entire collection is only 12.95, so there is clearly very little risk and Tattoos Unlimited may be a good place to start if you are unsure how much these tattoo design collections will help you.

Check out any or all of the above sites to either choose your next tattoo, or simply get inspiration on the type of tattoo you want next. Don’t forget to bookmark this website and the tattoo blog to keep updated on the tattoo world.

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