5 Best Tattoo Design iPhone Apps

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Tattoos may be an art form that has been around for thousands of years, but technology has improved considerably, and with that new technology comes new ways to appreciate this popular art form. One of the latest and most popular pieces of technology is the iPhone, and what the iPhone is best known for is its ability to handle a multitude of unique and interesting applications. So what better place is there to take our love for tattoos into the new century then with some of the best tattoo design iPhone applications available?

Best Tattoo Design iPhone Applications

  1. Tattoo Junkie - When you are a hardcore tat lover, and can’t get enough of the art form, Tattoo Junkie is one of the iPhone apps designed for you. It provides you with news about tattoos, tattoo designs, tattoo techniques and anything else that may interest those that love all things related to getting inked. Really a must have if you want to keep yourself updated on the craft.
  2. Rate My Tattoo - Rate My Tattoo is an interesting iPhone App. On the one hand, it is not entirely finished, and could stand to be improved upon. Most likely if you download it to your iPhone you are going to be a little bit disappointed. On the other hand, it is free, and the company that makes it (Fireside Interactive) is one of the most committed companies to creating high quality iPhone apps, so you can be sure that it will improve in time. Rate My Tattoo allows you to check out the ink of those that have already gotten tattoos and rate them. It lets you check out the art form, or just check out the bodies of sexy men and women across the globe.
  3. Tattoo Mania - Most of these tattoo apps are about appreciating the art form. Tattoo Mania, on the other hand, is a game – a game where you can try to ink up “customers” for fun, and see how high of a score you can get. It utilizes the iPhone’s touch screen capabilities, and is pretty fun for anyone that wants something to do in their spare time.
  4. Tattoo of the Day - Tattoo of the Day is pretty sick, because it lets you see artwork from some of the world’s best tattoo artists every day, and the entire application is free. It’s a little bit of the plug for the company that created these designs, but who cares – it’s free.
  5. Tattoo Shop - Tattoo shop is also a pretty sweet app. It’s not free, but it lets you take tattoo designs and place them onto photos on your iPhone. Basically you can check out how a tattoo will look on you, and whether or not it is worth getting. Or, for fun, you can edit tattoos onto your grandma and show her how she’d look with some flaming skulls. Whatever you want.

Make Your iPhone Even Cooler

All of these represent the best tattoo design iPhone applications – programs designed to take your love of tattoos on the road with you. Visit the App Store over at Apple and check out these applications for yourself.

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