Can You Put a Tattoo on Your Dog?

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Probably. Should you? No.

Maybe that’s not fair. Many dog owners put tattoos on their dogs. But really, what’s the point? Your dog won’t understand what’s happening to them. They won’t feel like they look cooler. You won’t be seen as cool for having a dog with a tattoo. Imagine how painful tattoos are on those that are expecting them and understanding what’s going on. Now imagine a tattoo on a dog, where the dog literally has no idea why you’re giving them that kind of pain.

Some dog owners have identification information tattooed on their dog. This is both legal and potentially beneficial for the dog. But a tattoo on a dog for the art is not the best idea.

But okay, you’ve decided to get your dog a tattoo. Here’s what you should probably do.

  • Don’t get one with a lot of meaning – Your dog isn’t going to live forever, and the tattoo is going to have no meaning to your dog, which means it can only have meaning for you. But really, why would you want to tattoo your dog with something that will only last 2 to 10 years? Your dog will pass away, the tattoo will go with it, and then you went through the entire experience for nothing.
  • Get a Small Tattoo – Don’t subject your dog to a tattoo that is too large or painful. Give them something small. You can find several thousand small, appropriate tattoos here, and that’s really all you need. Anything too large or gaudy is just a waste.
  • Find a Less Painful Area – Much like human beings, there are some places on a dog’s body that are painful, and some that are not. You wouldn’t get a tattoo on the back of your knee or the underside of your torso, so don’t give a dog a tattoo somewhere that it’s going to hurt a boatload.
  • Clean and Monitor the Tattoo – It doesn’t matter how clean you keep your dog – dogs are disgusting, and they’re full of germs. Make sure you’re washing and watching the tattoo all the time to make sure it doesn’t get infected.
This Dog is too Cool for Tattoos

So yeah. There you go. Don’t get your dog a tattoo, but if you do, consider the above ideas. I am still not entirely convinced that tattooing a dog is legal, but really it’s just nonsensical. If anything, get a tattoo of your dog on yourself or something instead.

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